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of Step-by-Step VTA is that the future of education and teaching will consist of a mix of person-to-person teaching and Artificial Intelligence Computer Assisted software and hardware, complemented by fully automated “teachers”. The teaching and education given by this mix of human teachers and technological solutions to each student will be in a personalized fashion, but the “human” aspect will always be predominantly present and will remain the guiding principle.

of Step-by-Step VTA is to permanently develop state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Learning applications, for all K12 students worldwide, covering all course topics, while guaranteeing to adhere to top pedagogic and educational and ethical norms and values, and make these Virtual Teaching Applications available at no cost to these students, teachers and parents.

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Our management is a mix of foreign and Filipino people who have already earned their spurs in various industries such as marketing, speech technology, hardware and software, etc ...

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The Main Reasons & Features

Learning to master English (or any other language for that matter) is impossible without simultaneously seeing the written words while hearing and exercising the correct pronunciation.

Teachers (and parents for the home assignments) often do not have enough time to monitor the progress of their students, especially with regard to the pronunciation exercises and reading aloud of lengthy texts in the student textbooks. This is especially the case during the virtual classes because of the Covid-19 crisis.

Step-by-Step decided to provide this for free to all Filipino students and their teachers, since a majority of them may have at least one smartphone of tablet per family, but many have no additional budget for apps and/or for permanent high-speed internet.

Existing applications (English) are not in sync with the course materials and textbooks recommended or set as minimal requirements by DePed and do not have Tagalog complementary guidelines.

Efficient, most welcomed and needed assistance to all 27 million students + their teachers and parents. Simply select from the pre-set lessons which are in sync with the textbooks that are used, and automatically, the Step-by-Step server will send a message and notify the students that a session is ready for downloading by using the Step-by-Step smartphone or table app. Students can then view this session offline, then listen to and repeat the pronunciation, and send the results to the teacher, who can listen how their students performed.

Some more advanced Language Applications (English) that are available are too expensive for the vast majority of families in the Philippines. Some other Virtual Teaching Applications may be free as well, but these are not tuned towards Filipino standard courses, or these are too simple to help the students towards full mastery of English, or don’t give directions or occasional useful translations in Tagalog.

Feature #1

The main functionality of this first version is to read, using the latest human sounding speech synthesis, the texts and some selected words and exercises from the standard textbooks, selected by their teachers, in order to familiarize the students with the correct pronunciation. The application will read aloud text portions selected by teachers, parents and students for rehearsing and for getting familiar with the correct pronunciation, and students are each time invited to repeat this pronunciation.

Feature #2

In sync with and using EXCLUSIVELY and ALL the texts and questions of the DePed Philippines approved and mandatory textbooks and English Reading Power teacher books for ALL Filipino kindergarten students all the way up to Grade 12 in the Philippines.

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Why choose us ?

+ 10 Years of Experience
Team Of Experts
Various Devices

All the people or volunteers who work with Step by Step VTA all have more than enough experience in different study departments and industries and they are all qualified in their own field.

Our advisory board consists of representatives from DePed (Philippine Government Department of Education), sponsoring and advisory organizations, directors and presidents of private and public schools, speech technology specialists, teachers, parents and students.

Our application will work on all common devices such as Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone (Android and Apple)

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